Hello everyone! This is my blog for my time in Guatemala for all you family and friends out there who want to keep track of what we're up to! Once again thank you sooo much to everyone who made this trip possible for me, your support really means alot.

I'm going to Guatemala City March 3rd, which is Saturday, which is reeeeally soon. I'm amazed at how fast this trip snuck up on me. Me and Abbey have been going back and forth pretty much constantly with questions and I'm pretty sure that Alexa (our Cross-Cultural Solutions contact) is probably pretty ready for us to just get out of America and stop bugging her. 

I've always been a last minute packer so I imagine i'll be throwing things in my suitcase on our way out the door at 3am Saturday morning, no big deal. The only flight without an overnight layover leaves at 5am on Saturday...so I'm figuring I wont be getting much sleep that night anyway.

So me and Abbey got our work assignments today, FINALLY. I am going to be working at Padre Antonio Rocco's child care center. I'll be helping with games and arts and crafts with kids ages 1-6, so that's right up my alley! 

In case anyone was wondering I will not be using my cell phone while I'm there so if you want to contact me use this blog, facebook or email me and I'll try to respond ASAP but I know I wont have very much time on the internet daily so it may take awhile. I'm also going to try to post a picture per post on here but I heard that you have to be careful with your camera so we'll see how much I can get.

For now here's a picture of Guatemala City i found on google, enjoy!

I'll try and write again on Saturday when I get in!