So today at work I brought another craft for the kids to do. It worked out perfect actually because there were only 8 kids because of the holiday and one 1 boy. I had the kids make flowers out of pipe cleaners and tissue paper and they loved it!

Today it was kind of sad because it was my second to last day and alot of the kids werent there :( Since I wasnt at work on Friday, I didnt get to say goodbyw to alot of them who arent here this week, so I wil definitely miss them. There was also a 9 year old in class today since she didnt have school and she really wanted to learn english so I talked with her alot of the day. She told me she wants to learn english so that she can go to college in Los Angeles, haha. I told her to try Texas instead. 

After work we had Guatemalan Chinese food for lunch...interesting. But I also got a delicious chocolate covered mango!! mmmm. We dont have any plans this afternoon so I've been working on a project to bring to class tomorrow for my last day. Since the teacher doesnt know any English I made little labels with the English words for things to put around the classroom. I also made a little clock for her to help teach numbers in English, and a color chart. On the color chart there are the Spanish words on top and then they can flip it open to find the English words. I dont know when the next volunteer will be at that placement so I just wanted to makes sure that the teacher keeps working with the kids on their english and they dont forget everything. It made me laugh to day because the kids were doing their usual thing where they ask me to say things in English .."Como se dice ____??" and they kept saying the English words for things instead of Spanish like, "Como se dice Bunny??", so that was funny and it's nice to see they actually do remember some of the words I've been teaching them even if they dont realize it. Their two favorite words though are still "monkey" and "cookie", of course.

Tonight we watched the Awakenings after dinner, which was a pretty good movie, I'm surprised I havent seen it before because I know I've heard about it. Me and Abbey also played ERS for awhile and she absolutely killed me, I'm a slow slapper...not good. Then we played Gin, which was pretty complicated but fun for awhile. It was a good night.

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  1. Hey, college in LA is not a bad idea. And everyone ends up back in Texas! haha Glad you've been having a blast and bringing a smile to these kids' faces! I can't wait to see you!