last day of work

Today was my last day of work :( I brought in all the crafts I made for the classroom and I think the teacher really liked them. Unfortunately I forgot to put the batteries in my camera...dumb...so I dont have any pictures but the teacher was taking some and she said she'd email them to me! The last day was sad, and all the teachers and nuns kept hugging me and saying goodbye. The little babies made me a card (or their teacher did) and my older class made me a really cute card with their handprints on it. It was adorable. The teacher also got me a little present which was a Guatemala purse, so that was really sweet. Im going to miss the daycare alot, but I feel like I really did help out there and that they really appreciated my help.

After work we had lunch and then we had a our final wrap up with Virginia. Tomorrow is the last day we will see her :( :( :(. But we talked about how we felt our experiences had been, the best and worst parts of the trip and how we feel that it has changed us and our world-view. I dont know how I will feel when I get back to Texas but I do know that this has been an absolutely amazing experience and I will really miss everyone here, especially Virginia. It was kind of a sad talk but I do really hope to come back someday so I dont feel like it is goodbye forever. We also got to put our handprints on the wall with all the other past volunteers, which was pretty cool.

I also started packing today since we are leaving for Antigua tomorrow afternoon and we wont be back until Friday night. It will be a miracle if I fit everything in my suitcases. I started a pile of stuff I'm ok with leaving here, its going to be that packed. So wish me luck with that. I dont know what we're doing tonight, but we'll see!

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