buen provecho

this post is titled after the 2 most common words heard in our house...

So Monday night we didnt really do anything, after dinner me and abbey watched American Beauty and went to bed, I was feeling pretty crappy.

Tuesday: work was fun on tuesday, nothing really out of the ordinary happened there but after lunch we got to have a different kind of Spanish lesson! we went to the palace in central park! It was built by general Jorge Urbino when Guatemala was under total military rule, but now it is mostly like a white house type of governmental building. Some cool things about it are: like every room has a different type of chandelier, and they are all beautiful, Jorge Urbino put his fingerprint on every door handle, the number 5 is very repetitive because it was his wife's favorite, and in what used to be a garage all the stained glass windows were destroyed at least partially by a bomb and were never fixed. Here's a few pictures of the palace but there's more on facebook, sorry alot of them are blurry and such but they didnt let us use any flash and I didnt have a tripod.

After the palace we took a short walk in the park and saw entirely too many pigeons, it was pretty scary.

And later on that night after dinner (buen provecho) me abbey and clark went out so we could all split the biggest margarita ever! and then we went to bed pretty early again. 

Today: I'm feeling much better. At work I brought my camera again so heres some pics and videos of the kids...

bad hair day
I love how this little girl is all sweet pretending to be a dog and in the background the boys are beating each other up. typical.

After lunch we went and had another Spanish lesson adventure. We went to the topographical map of Guatemala down the street. The map is really cool, it used to have water flowing through it where all the lakes and rivers were but it dried up and it doesnt work anymore i guess. Also all around the map are trees that are the kind used to make Mirimbas and so they are all named after famous mirimba players! pretty cool! Here's a couple broad pictures, but there area ton more on facebook of course.

I dont really know what the plan is for tonight, but I'll let you know how it goes!

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